When you have foot pain or biomechanical issues in your feet, custom orthotics can help your feet feel and function better. At Family Foot & Ankle Physicians, the skilled podiatrists offer custom orthotics so your feet can feel comfortable again.

Custom OrthoticsOrthotics are worn to relieve pain in the foot or ankle and help prevent or delay surgery. When you see the word orthotics, you may think about a foot pad or heel insert that can be purchased at your local pharmacy or sporting goods store. An orthotic is also a custom-molded, individually designed shoe insert or ankle brace. Orthotic devices like these are frequently used to treat various conditions of the foot and ankle. They are often very effective in relieving common complaints and pain. We offer our medical sole inserts as an over-the-counter option (click here) and are very affordable.

Other treatments require custom made orthotics. We use different techniques to assist with just the right fit for the patient foot. Our options include the traditional plastering of the foot to build a mold, while another option includes a 3D scan of the patient’s foot before ordering a custom fit orthotic. Either choice you make, you are going to receive a custom set of orthotics to improve the quality of your feet and reduce pain.

Conditions treated: