Foot & Ankle Care Services in Greenville, NC

At Family Foot and Ankle Physicians, we offer a wide variety of foot and ankle care services. We truly pride ourselves on giving our patients personal attention to find solutions that best meet them and their foot and ankle issues.


Debridement is a medical procedure for treating a wound in the skin, of which we focus specifically in on the the feet and ankle areas. It involves a thorough cleaning of the wound and removal of all thickened skin or callus, infected, and dead tissue, or foreign debris, and residual material from dressings.


From X-Rays, to ultrasounds, and doppler, we have all of the imaging techniques needed.

Conventional X-rays are the most basic type of radiography.  A podiatrist can use basic X-ray images to diagnose bone fractures and other conditions that primarily affect the bones. Other techniques must be used to fully evaluate soft tissue problems not involving the bones.

Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency sound waves rather than electromagnetic radiation to generate images of the feet and lower legs. Ultrasound imaging can help to diagnose problems with muscles and other soft tissues. Images can be recorded in real-time to help with diagnosing joint alignment problems.

CT scans, use multiple X-ray images to create cross-sectional images and 3-dimensional images. CT scans can be used for scanning smaller areas like the feet and lower legs. CT technology is useful to podiatrists when simple X-rays do not provide the level of detail needed for accurate diagnosis and treatments.


We can do it all, and on-site for your convenience.  Our surgery and routine care includes cleaning, trimming, cutting, and removal of toenails, callouses, and corns. Route foot care services are usually regularly cared for by a physician, and are often elderly or diagnosed with diabetes.